The Story Behind Round Top Horses

A few years ago my late father-in-law took my husband and I for a drive right to the top of our farm 'Roundtop.' It is a bit of a scary drive up there, I feel much better on a bike or even better on foot. The drive was on your typical farm track that was steep and along a scary cliff face. Well it felt like that to me anyway!
I knew Gavin was extremely skilled and capable, however, I am an anxious passenger at the best of times. I just gripped tight and bit my tongue.

I was extremely nervous and we hadn't been living on this farm for long. However, I was super keen to check out the view at the top for sure.

For once I was prepared and took my camera along for some scenic shots at the top but I never expected to see what I saw in front of me.

It was the perfect afternoon, the afternoon sun was beginning to set as it created this beautiful soft golden light falling behind the Southern Alps and up the Rakaia Gorge. In front of the mountains stood a team of Rodeo horses grazing the paddock. The chill in the late afternoon air created steam from the noses of the horses as they breathed in and out. It was such a beautiful sight to see and whiteness. You can imagine how excited I was.

I am so grateful that I had my camera on hand to capture this image. It will now be forever etched in my memory as my father-in-law has now passed away. Creating that memory of the time he had taken my husband (who now runs the farm) and I to the top of our farm for our very first look.

I love the warm and golden colours of this print and the mountainous ranges in the background. This print is available to order online in various size options ❤️

Round Top Horses 

Round Top Horses
Round Top Horses